Sunday, March 7, 2010

Try Masturbation

hahaha...some humor for these hard times of ours...goll,I love the day before my day off..I have time to do what I really love....and that of course is WRITING!

Your recent pay cut got ya bummed?

That pile of bills got you tossing and turning at night?

Has your wife been putting "IT" off since you were LAYED OFF?
(.....and your is kid is beginning to look more and more like the the pool boy everyday..)

Did your insurance company find a "loophole" and decide to deny continued coverage of your sleep medication prescription?

You're gonna have to get some shut-eye somehow.

and we're here to help...


™ before bed!

Just ONE dose of Masturbationbefore bed puts you down like a tranquilized grizzly bear after a rampage at a state park campsite.

So if you wanna PASS OUT....

try and

"RUB ONE OUT".......

Give Masturbation a try today!

THIS guy wishes he would've tried Masturbation™! don't wanna end up like THIS guy.

He doesen't do the messy chore before a snore!

Masturbation™ is not for everyone. Please consult your doctor before using Masturbation™ to see if Masturbation™ is right for you. Do not use Masturbationif you have a history of heart disease, nosy roommates,have excessively long nails,or are trying to win a bet by proving you are "Master of Your Domain".

Side effects of Masturbationmay include exclusive hypertrophy of the muscles of the right forearm...and permanent "O face".

~Just for Chuckles and Lou~

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