Sunday, March 7, 2010

Michael Cera Is A Robot

Somewhere in between making quirky indie comedies about jaded twenty-somethings and showing the world how funny teen pregnancy can be... the facade will fall..whether it's a subtle flicker of an LED in the corner of your eye....or a quick spray of Wd-40 under your arm....your guard will slip, and when it does, I will be there to expose you..

Kraftwerk - Robots(Oshee's robotic mash up) by Oshee

While the flash of a camera would scramble the circuits of lesser robots..not so with you..

Photo after photo..

That dead pan stare never changes!!

...such structural rigidity can only be achieved 2 ways...1. Botox 2. an underlying steel bone structure...

When our robot overlords from the future send a Terminator to the past
to annihilate us. He won't look like Ahnuld.That would be far too, my friends, he will look like the common hipster....

One bad movie away from blowing up a playground..

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