Saturday, March 27, 2010

I'm no Salman Rushdie, but. I do have photoshop.

Apparently, there are several international versions of Maxim magazine to be found in unlikely places. There's even an Indian version of Maxim! I imagine it to contain all the Henna clad, Patchouli reeking beauties you can handle...and TODDY reviews instead of beer reviews.
There are only 3 things that can get into the most dictator loving,war waging, child starving corners of the world 1.Angelina Jolie 2.Gameshows 3.Maxim

So, these days, we are incessantly reassured that we pretty much got this Iraq thing in the bag....Westernization has already begun to change the landscape, albeit slowly. Sadly, this is not the case in our other war theater, Afghanistan.In fact, Obama recently had to order the withdrawal of fast food chains from Afghanistan.

Pfft.Shabbily constructed armor on tanks is one thing. This Whopper Deprivation Act is just letting the terrorists win.

ANYWAY, back to Iraq...Naturally, the westernization of Iraq and the far-reaching influence of Maxim magazine made me wonder how Maxim would fare if dragged kicking and screaming through an Iraqi publisher's printer.So I made this in photoshop.(click on it if you have a hard time reading the print)

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  1. that is showing too much leg, but my brother spent 3 years over there (marine), and he says the hookers pretty much look like that, but they cover their legs. He used to clown how they would hit on the marines, but you never knew if she was hot or not. He doesn't gamble, so he never found out.