Monday, May 16, 2011

This Is Not A Date...

Yes, I have touched on the subject before..but I feel it merits reiterating..
Fellow lesbians... It is indeed possible to be invited to attend an event by another lesbian without a desire for romantic involvement. Complimenting your choice of hat does not mean I want to do the Sapphic samba with you.
If I've been calling you"buddy"on multiple occasions and it does not seem to register... I will have to resort to illustrating my point the American way!

With a wearable bright neon sign of course.

So, I designed this T-shirt to wear for such an occasion!

Look, there isn't a nanometer of sexual tension between us. The possibility of me running any bases with you tonight is about as remote as the possibility of me purchasing a parrot with Tourettes as a gift for my prim grandmother. So, please refrain from touching me anywhere that would get you fired for sexual harassment in a work environment.

That said.

How many shirts should I put you down for ladies?


  1. But will you also have a "This is a date!" undershirt to be worn and seen only if it is a real date? Or how about "This just turned into a date." panties?

  2. Sign me up for the panties

  3. LOL... This is great! SO true... I'm liking the panty idea also...just for that maybe moment. HA!