Thursday, May 12, 2011

McDees impending fancy pants facelift....

So Mc Donald's is revamping its restaurants to more closely mimic the ambience at Starbucks. They are hoping that adding TV's and a few beanbag chairs will lure some hipsters into "lounging" at Mc Dees for a few hours while they surf the web and snub pop music.

I don't think the majority of McDonald's typical customers will give a fuck that they can now listen to Enya while they wait for their Big Mac.

.....and I don't think I will be overhearing a conversation between a guy and his date that goes like THIS any time soon, "Honey, I've canceled the reservations at Le Fleur in favor of this ritzy new McDonald's restaurant!"

Many people are a little embarassed to be be SEEN frequenting a Mc Donald's. I don't think there are many of us who would want to prolong a Mc Donalds's visit. You walk in, get what you paid for, avoid eye contact, hand over your money and get out. Visiting a McDonalds is a lot like visiting a hooker.

The only type of McDonald's customer who wants to "lounge" at McDonald's after the meal, is usually holding up a cardboard sign.

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