Monday, February 7, 2011

Our concept of Egypt is seriously outdated...

Most of us don't really give Egyptian culture much thought beyond the occasional Cleopatra costume spotted at a Halloween party and a fleeting desire to learn hieroglyphics..

"Pictured: Not much different than the Crayola 'masterpieces' of the family cats a budding renoir like yourself made for mom's fridge as a child...Except, important old people in Safari hats give a damn about the cats in THESE scribbles..."

So, Quick!! How many of you could think of nothing but THIS when you heard the word "Egypt"in the news as the first riots erupted??

How many of you supressed a giggle days after when the shock wore off and you felt an urge to do THIS in the company break room everytime the news came on?

Be honest now!

I mean, I don't blame us (Americans)..Our concept of Egypt has been almost exclusively forged by such educational programming as "Night at the Museum" and "The Mummy" w/ Brendan Fraser.. I'm sure when we actually think about it, it makes sense to picture Egyptians in a modern context-complete with Facebooks and diverse haircuts..

However, what are the very FIRST things that pop into our heads when we think..

pissed off Egyptians?...

ACTUAL pissed off Egyptians...

Our image of Egyptian women?..

ACTUAL Egyptian women...

Our initial image of Egyptian ruler Mubarak..

The ACTUAL Egyptian ruler Mubarak...

Well, screw you Anderson Cooper! How dare you shatter our highly inaccurate, romanticized image of Egypt?

Either way, I have to wonder how foreign countries who base their perception of Americans on our media probably view us..

Average Americans at leisure?..

ACTUAL average Americans at leisure...


  1. Mubarak was just a fuckin ass hole who used to get fucked, together with his wife nd children by the arabs of the Persian Gulf.